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(I was learning)

iPhone sells despite efforts to keep it

Meagan and I moved out here to Lawrence at the end of March. We love and miss Southeast Idaho, but one of its flaws was the lack of AT&T coverage. Thus, upon moving here (in fact just while apartment shopping) we stopped at the local AT&T shop and I got an iPhone. (Isn’t Meagan a star for letting me? You know it!)

I have loved this phone and it was worth every penny … at the time. But the last few weeks my bank account and I have felt that my money could be better spent elsewhere, rather than being tied up in my right, front pocket. This last weekend I came to the conclusion that I must sell it. So in the wee hours of Monday morning I put the phone up on eBay and Craigslist. Yes, even the very Monday of WWDC.

I have to admit that though I had decided to sell the phone, I did not want to sell the phone. My less-than-optimized listings proved it.


I listed the phone at $450. Remember that 16GB iPhones will only cost $299 as of July 11. Further, I included no pictures, and only the text:

iPhone 16GB, less than 3 months old, with original packaging

Purchased this iPhone end of March. Still has all original cables and packaging. It doesn’t have a scratch or scuff as it was in a protector the entire time.

I have to admit that the Craigslist shoppers were the tougher crowd. I was contacted about five times and each time they were offering between $150 and $275. But I was glad to respond that I had been offered more than double what those lower offers were … over on eBay.


I held true to form and put up a barebones listing with no images. And besides putting up a half-hearted listing, the odds were really stacked against me in this venue:

  1. I have only purchase one item on eBay. Ever. In eBay terms I am a real nobody, and nobody trusts a nobody.

  2. I have never sold anything on eBay. Ever. That means I am a nobody. Who would think of buying a “Apple iPhone 16GB, 3 months old, like-new condition” off of someone like me.

  3. I set a reserve price of $450. I knew this took my chances of selling it to almost nothing, but I knew that I needed at least that much to feel good about parting with it.

  4. I only sold to the USA. This was mostly because it was my first time selling and I want to be as safe and simple as possible.


Despite my poor selling posture, the phone sold for $455 plus a $7.99 charge for shipping. I might also add that the phone is not unlocked. It is just as plane-jane as when I got it. Now that it’s over I am actually quite happy that it sold, but I cannot understand why is sold — we’re talking used for $155 dollars more than a next-generation iPhone that will be available in less than one month.

And with $455 I just might be in line for one of them phones.