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(I was learning)

The man who started blogging in 2007

In a recent post on Authentic Boredom, Cameron Moll said that he finally broke down and posted his first tweet on Twitter. Part of that tweet reads “Feel like the guy who started blogging in 2007.”

I am that guy.

Not only that, it’s December of 2007. But I am here now and excited for this expereince. And so it is with great pleasure that I introduce Aprendía.

My purpose for this site is simple: practice, share and learn. Web development, design and social skills are learned by doing, failing, fixing and succeeding. In this new sandbox I will practice Django, JavaScript, CSS, markup, design, typography, writing, and anything else that I have a desire to learn or improve upon. When I learn something along the way I will be sure to share it, hoping to learn something from others who are willing to critique what I do.

Ideas will also be “practiced” here. Though I love all things Web, online news media is particularly fascinating to me. From time to time I will share my humble opinion and experience on that and other Web related topics. Now for the standard disclaimer: I am currently working full-time as a Web consultant / developer for i-Comm Student Media at Brigham Young University – Idaho. i-Comm is an experiment in convergence; six different branches of student run media have been brought under one roof. We are learning new things everyday, and knowledge is most valuable when it is shared and discussed. However, no matter how much I discuss my work or any other topic, the opinions given here represent no one but myself.


As this site is a playground, I don’t feel it necessary to have everything done before I launch. Many things are yet to be done, including:

  • finesse the design
  • implement commenting
  • integrate my link blog
  • OpenID support
  • implement sIFR
  • build a contact form
  • fine-tune the design (did I mention that?)

Well, that’s enough with the introductions — let’s get started.