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The site

Aprendía (App·ren·DEE·ah) is Spanish, and a past tense form of the verb aprender which means “to learn.” This site is entitled Aprendía for two reasons.

First, in every aspect of this site I am learning as I am doing, no matter if I am novice, ametuer or expert in that skill. The only way to succeed in life is if you learn from everything you do and everyone you encounter.

Second, aprendía is imperfect tense. This can imply that the action (learning in this case) is 1) a repeating action, almost a habit; and / or 2) this happened at an indefinite time and could still be occurring.

For me learning is a habitual, continual event.

The author

I grew up just outside of Rexburg, Idaho. After high school I served a two year mission for the LDS Church in Birmingham England. Several years later I convinced a beautiful woman to marry me. Meagan and I now have a little boy who is the light of our life.

After graduating from BYU-Idaho with a B.A. in Communication I worked for the University full-time. I am now an Interaction Designer with Mediaphormedia, a division of The World Company. Some of our products that you may recognize include Ellington, Marketplace, LJWorld and KUSports.

Besides my interest in all things Web, I also love typography, ping-pong, reading, and tinkering on my ’83 Suzuki GS 1100G. By the title of this site you may have guessed that I love Spanish, even though I am not fluent. I can read quite well and write okay, but my spoken Spanish leaves something to be desired.

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My fancy-pants contact form will be arriving soonish-like. For now you’ll just have to guess my email (it ain’t hard).