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Git staging — call it what it is

I love Git. I really do. However, learning to love it took a little bit of work, at least for me (and it has been worth it). This was because I found a couple of areas a bit confusing. This was a combination of two factors:

  1. I was coming from a Subversion background,
  2. Git’s inconsistency in how it refers to a key concept.

We will ignore the first factor, for now. I want to address the second one.


For those unfamiliar with Git, it has a slightly different workflow than Subversion. (I will not discuss why it is different — I only show this for context.)

Work, work, work …Work, work, work …
Stage changes,Commit changes to repository.
More work, work ...

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Aprendía is my “casa in the cloud” (that means something like “home on the Web” which is not to be confused with my “home on the range”).

Hmm. Explaining the “casa” thing took longer than I thought it would. You’ll have to go elsewhere to see what “Aprendía” is all about.